VanAir Power Systems

ALL-IN-ONE Power System® welder | generator | air compressor | battery booster


The Lightest, Most Compact Rotary Screw ALL-IN-ONE Power System® on the Market

Providing 300 amps of welding power and 40 cfm of on demand air, the Air-N-Arc® 300 is compact enough to fit a truck’s side-pack or be mounted behind the cab. The totally self-contained unit delivers more efficient use of truck space and can be integrated with the chassis for maximum versatility. Designed for maximum fuel efficiency, the Air N Arc® 300 includes auto throttle control, and an EFI engine that improves fuel economy by up to 27%. The system offers the power you need for all your mobile workshop needs.

Engine: 29 HP Kohler electronic fuel injected, air cooled
Compressor Type: Rotary screw
Generator Wattage: 7,000 watts of pure sine power, 120/240
Welder Amperage: 300 amps high frequency CC/DC, CV/DC at 100% duty cycle
Battery Charger: 300 amps 12V charge and 12V/24V boost
Max Pressure (psi) : 175
CFM Rating: 40 cfm @175 psi
Drive System : Belt driven
Fuel Capacity (gal): 12
Weight (lbs.): Less than 700
Dimensions (in.): 21W x 47L x 31H
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